Wardrobe Consultation

Based out of Vancouver, we come to your home. Together, we go through your closet. We look at the pieces you like and the pieces you aren’t sure about. We figure out different ways to wear, we decide if it needs a repair or alteration or we decide to donate. The objective: To pair down your closet into a lean, mean fighting machine. From here we make a list of the items you need to augment your collection. When we are finished, you will know the outfits you have, the pieces you need and will have a plan moving forward of how to achieve it.

Film/TV Costuming

We work within your costume department to creatively execute the looks that help to make your story shine. 


Wow! Your big day is coming. Whether your event is a Wedding, an award or a big opening - we can help you look your best. We sit down with you and get all of the details of your event. On a scale of 1-10 how dressy is it? Does it warrant a tuxedo or do you want to look casually elegant? We will take you shopping or to the tailors.  If you are a Groom, we can style all your guys from head to toe. Just leave it to us, all you have to do is show up and take in the compliments.